Ukrainian family hosting project

The revenues of Weekend Biennale 2022 will be given to support displaced Ukrainian families in Italy.

The war on Europe’s doorstep brutally entered our daily lives last February. With promptness, the Grand Priory of Lombardy and Venice (northern Italy) responded to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by activating multiple projects. The one that Weekend Biennale is supporting supports families who have arrived in Italy after a dangerous flight. We are here to help them in a new country. This includes support in every area of life: health, housing, education, legal issues and a hand to hold in times of loneliness.

They have been received in hospitality centers, especially women with children. They received school books, clothes, and extracurricular education during the summer period.

The humanitarian mission of the Grand Priory of Lombardy and Venice will continue in the coming months, helping those displaced person from Ukraine.
This and many other initiatives of active charity go hand in hand with the important moments of prayer that each Delegation in our territory has planned, as also requested by the Holy Father.