The Swiss Seaside Foundation was established as non-profit organisation in 2008. The foundation supports children and families in need by creating better living conditions through the realisation of individual projects in South America, Southeast Asia and Europe.

In October 2008, the Swiss Seaside Foundation in Zurich was established as a non-profit foundation by two benefactors and, by decree of 30.10.2008, was placed under federal supervision, which is exercised by the Federal Department of Home Affairs (EDI). All necessary regulations were approved at the same time.

The main basis for the decision to establish this charitable foundation was the need to support primarily children and families in need. In many parts of our world there are numerous humanitarian crises, caused by corruption or oppression, human trafficking, forced resettlement, drug smuggling or child prostitution; but lack of hygiene and inadequate medical care can also lead to crisis situations, as the spread of epidemics repeatedly shows. There is often no money for an efficient infrastructure and good medical care or adequate education. Our goal is to create better living conditions, especially for children and families, by implementing concrete individual projects. This can be done by building houses or schools, equipping them with medical care facilities or providing materials to cover food, living costs, maintenance, school and medical needs.