Pia Lanfranchi Sammartini Project

Thanks to the Weekend Biennale, the Order of Malta’s Venice Delegation accompanies children and young people with physical, pathological, psychological, economic, or family difficulties to Lourdes.

The care of these patients is both delicate and demanding, which is why a highly qualified medical and nursing staff is available to guarantee adequate psychological support.
While the trip to Lourdes is a source of growth for all, for these children it is a “world” of experience, sharing, and joy. The therapeutic nature of the pilgrimage focuses not only on the pathology, but on the ability of the patient-child to develop relationships with peers and adults in a series of activities. This allows them to perceive their illness in a “different” way within a stimulating context; at the same time, families are relieved of the burden of daily life and loneliness.
Travelling to Lourdes is an opportunity that the Weekend Biennale intends to offer to an ever-growing number of sick children and young people, supported by excellent care and assistance.

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